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Polly Alice 


You have an idea, let’s make it happen! 

Fill out the Contact form below. Copy and paste the questions below into the form with the following info and I will set up a consultation with you so that we can to turn your inspiration into an order that's on it's way to you!


Type of artwork or graphic design?

Describe your project idea, theme, colors? What are five descriptive adjectives you’d use to describe the style?

What are you preferences for materials?

What is the time frame or deadline involved for final completion of this project?

Sample of Pricing Estimates

  • Portraits start at $350 to $1200 for Acrylic on Canvas and go up from there. Plus tax and shipping
  • Paintings by commission 12 x 16 begin at $300 plus tax and shipping
  • Business Cards $250 includes printing and shipping costs for $500 business cards and design
  • Brochure/ Album cover design  $325
  • Logo Design $400-- includes three logo applications and 2 revisions
  • Writing your business Bio or copywriting $50 per item
  • Editing, $4 a page
  • Illustrations $250 per drawing, $400 per painting
  • Murals $30 per square foot plus materials
  • School Visit or Retreat, $450 per day plus supplies/materials

After I get your form, what’s next? We will set up a consultation time over your fave hot beverage. If you decide you’d like to move forward with an art commission we’ll set up a time line and get to work. 

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