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New Thing Art Studio

Polly Alice 

New Murals

Lippert Mechanical 50th anniversary mural. Fall 2015. These guys keep everyone in KC cool in the summer, universities, even the electric company. They know their boilers and chillers, and I had a fabulous time painting their community room at the main office on front street down by the stock yards. I learned so much and I found out I love paintings numbers and letters. I can even tell you if your boiler is working at the right temperature. So if you need to stay cool, or hot-- ask these guys. Spent the better part of last fall with them until I felt like I worked there. What a great idea to celebrate your company with a mural. Brian Libbert's dad, Bernie, began the company 50 years ago and we put his name right in the mural. It really deserved a party. But they had to keep working!


Kids Oncology Christmas Party Mural & Installation 2011

Artist Statement: This large collaborative painting was made with handprints by children and their loved ones struggling through cancer. Hills or small mountains in the distance represent the steep climb toward recovery these families go through when fighting against illness. The green trees and flowers represent growth and healing; the fruitfulness of even the youngest life by mere presence. The colors in this work are based on those often available to children in boxes of crayons and markers. And because this painting was a collaboration with children of all ages, much of it is serendipitous splashes of color with layers of paint worked on the same theme, a peaceful field of flowers and trees. Here the crowning sunrise represents hope, and the new dawn of renewed life and light.

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