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Polly Alice 

Doorway to Dream Workshop @ Spectrum

Come learn about the language of dreams 

What Treasure is hiding inside your dreams? Find out at Polly's Workshop, Doorway to Dreams, you will learn two types of dreamwork exercises to get you on your way to a life with more creativity, more energy, and more wholeness. 

Spectrum Shop off North Oak. 7 pm on Wednesday February 22nd


7827 N. Oak Traffic Way, Kansas City, Missouri 64118

DREAM team class @ The Wellness Wheel

What if every day you sent yourself a letter about how you could have more

     ENERGY         INSIGHT      &         DIRECTION?

in your life…. but it was in a language you didn’t know? 

Come learn a bit about the language of dreams. Every week learn another type of dreamwork exercises to get you on your way to a life with more creativity, more energy, and more wholeness. Find your dream team.

Meet up every Saturday at the Wellness Wheel 
9 to 10 am
$15 per session or six sessions for $60
5742 N Broadway Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64118
POLLY ALICE MCCANN poet, artist, dreamer writes and illustrates children’s books, paints portraits, and plans murals and community events. Her studio is currently located at the Wellness Wheel where she is artist in residence. When She’s not writing or painting, she teaches English at Metropolitan Community College. “Much of my work is inspired or infused with layers of deep symbolic imagery from personal experience and dream symbols.” Polly’s poetry has been published internationally in Naugatuck River Review and arc24. She has been practicing dreamwork for over 10 years. She won the 2014 Ernest Hartmann award from the International Association for the Study of dreams from Berkley CA for research on self awareness for writers through dreamwork. She has recently contributed to and co-edited the book, Dreams that Changes our Lives-- TBA coming out in 2018.

What is Dreamwork? Dreamwork is the actual study of remembered dreams from sleep. Dreams have been studied in every culture throughout history, including modern studies by Carl Jung and the like. It's been noted that every early American household had at least two books: the Bible, and a dream interpretation book. The science and art of dreamwork have been forgotten during the modern era, but it is still around today. Dreams just won't be ignored.

So what is dreamwork? Recording, Discussion, Journaling, Art, Drama, Meeting in a group, Thinking, Meditating, Researching, anything a person does to study their dreams, share their dreams and put the energy and insight from a dream into their waking life. Cultures that practice dreamwork are predominantly nonviolent. Working with our darker half, our subconscious, makes our waking life that much light and more well balanced. Taking the fractured two sides of self and having them meet. That is dreamwork.  It leads to wholeness, healing, energy, insight. Learn dreamwork and it will change your life. 

Have a dream? Private Sessions available for $65 Make a local or online appointment today. 

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