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Polly Alice, Artist 

POLLY ALICE has been an active part of the arts communities in Harrisburg and the Twin Cities. In 2015 she opened New Thing Art Studio back home in KC-- where she paints portraits and large scale neo pop illustrations. Her work is often mixed media. “I create my art to be more like poetry—to have symbolic meanings layered from dream images and personal memories.” Her work centers on the themes of healing, time, and every day love for small things. Polly’s poetry has been published internationally in Naugatuck River Review and arc24. She won the 2014 Ernest Hartmann award from the International Association for the Study of dreams from Berkley CA for research on dreamwork for writers.

More about Polly: Polly grew up in the heartland. When she wasn’t up in a cottonwood tree reading a book, or trail blazing with her mom’s sewing scissors, she spent most of her time “making something.” She began art classes at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City before her Buster Browns ever reached the floor under the art table. Polly found art to study everywhere: at the Art league School in Old Town, VA, in student coursework in Israel Palestine, at the Smithsonian and the Met, and at little off the road places along the way. At Messiah College, Polly majored in Oil Painting with as many writing courses as she could squeeze in, her long time dream was to become a writer and illustrator for children. In 2011 she graduated with her MA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN was a dream come true where she found mentorship with authors who became dear friends.

Polly’s favorite artists: The top five are Diebenkorn, Klee, Cassatt, Chagall, and Thomas Hart Benton. As a girl she attended Kansas City’s 1989 Thomas Hart Benton retrospective with paintings that vibrated with music, landscape and color. This inspired her pursuit of an art career especially when she learned her great grandparents were part of the Benton clan. After writing a children’s’ biography of Thomas Hart Benton in her MFA in writing for children and young adults, she decided to go back to her work as a professional artist.

Today: You can find Polly in her studio or by the frog prince fountain in Kansas City. She loves to grow basil and explore unexpected surprises in her free time when she's not admiring her hound dog, and her two spunky children.

More about her studio: New Thing Art Studio tells your story specially delivered. We bring fine art and new creative expressions to communities and businesses. What we do: art installations; murals; copywriting & illustration; residencies; workshops & classes; team building & events. We promote and advocate the arts for children and people of all ages especially through fine art, music, and literature. We believe art is food for the soul and cares for our culture in amazing ways. The Arts are restorative to individuals, families, communities and the culture at large. They provide a "new thing." The New Thing Art studio logo is a sealed stamp because her first professional studio was in an old post office. Polly writes, " I love the play between words and images. The idioms begin to form lyrical questions and statements. To me, the symbol of the stamp speaks of our need to be signed, sealed, endorsed, given a word. Personal letters are about sending a message of love. I feel my paintings are very much the same thing."

Dr. Alice Hixson, Director of Research & Opportunities

DR. ALICE R. HIXSON a lifelong music educator whose resume includes dozens of productions of world music; american folk songs and co-creating original opera with elementary school students. She came home to find Kansas City rocking and rolling with arts education, and decided to jump in for the ride. She is the Research and Opportunities Director for New Thing Art Studio at Paper Birch Landing--which she defines as “looking for cool and fabulous ways for the arts to connect people in Kansas City.” You may find her with a coffee cup in hand either out and about with extended family, attending an arts event, or staying home with her double dappled dachshund, Wheatley— whose biography is currently being written.

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